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Fresh Flavors
Creative Catering

Choose from our signature boxes with perfectly paired options or customize your own for a unique culinary experience that ensures your private or corporate event in Southern Utah is both delicious and memorable.

Bailey G.

"The food was so yummy! We had a zesty box and a classic and we loved both. The quality of the food was excellent and I loved the presentation. Our whole family shared and it was great!!"

Charcuterie Boxes

At Box Thyme, we offer Signature Boxes with perfectly paired ingredients or fully customized charcuterie boxes crafted to fit your private or corporate event in Southern Utah.


Our Signature

Thyme Lemonade

Enjoy our refreshing, house-made Thyme Lemonade, crafted with fresh lemon juice and thyme-infused syrup. This uniquely delicious drink is perfect for any event.

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Easy Charcuterie Orders!

Preparing a Classic Charcuterie box


​Schedule Your Delivery

Pick the date, time, and location for the delivery of your fresh charcuterie boxes, ensuring they arrive exactly when you need them.


Select Your Flavor

Select from our exquisite Signature Boxes with perfectly paired ingredients, or customize your own combinations to suit your taste.


Choose Your Size

Decide whether you need our small boxes for a light bite or large boxes for a more substantial catering option.

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Why Box Thyme

Elevate your corporate and private events with Box Thyme's exquisite charcuterie boxes. Opting for our meticulously curated boxes offers both convenience and sanitary benefits over traditional table spreads. Enjoy the ease of individually portioned servings that eliminate the need for shared platters, ensuring cleanliness and minimizing contact. Whether you're selecting from our Signature Boxes or customizing your own, our focus on quality ingredients and thoughtful pairings ensures a memorable culinary experience.

Image of our Signature Boxes while closed
Image of our Signature Boxes while open

Craving something special?

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